My name is Zach, and my purpose in life is to win. I’m an author, game design expert, CRM administrator, and passionate competitor. Challenge is my soul food and victory slakes my thirst.


I’ve published several video guides for Pearson Education! You can find details on my Published Work page.

Game Design Expert?

I’ve played over 3000 video games across over a dozen platforms, I was once in the top 100 Steam achievement earners worldwide (out of over 65 million Steam users) I’ve published a video training guide on great game design, and I’m currently building a mobile market crusher.

CRM Administrator?

I’m a Salesforce.com expert who has administrated CRM systems for such awesome companies as SmarterChaos.com, The CE Shop, Fortune 119 Arrow.com, and Engrain.

Passionate Competitor?

I’m a huge proponent of mindful progression and skill acceleration; that is, conscious analysis and self-challenge which builds skills more quickly than by merely conquering a series of obstacles. In other words, I get better at things faster than most people, and that goes for everything.

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