Published Work

Apart from some freelancing, I’ve authored and published several video guides, all of which are hosted on InformIT:

Designing Great Video Games LiveLessons (Video Training): How to Create Insanely Fun and Challenging Video Games

This six-hour educational course provides a bird’s eye view of a professional, pro-consumer framework with which to design games that define the industry and which are, ultimately, a blast to play. I cover topics such as understanding multiple types of fun, the longevity of play, wise application of creativity, and much more by channeling my experience with over 2,500 different video games.


With my father providing color commentary, I fully explored every feature Minecraft has to offer in four separate video series which cover a wide variety of topics:

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft: Crafting, Mining, and Survival, The

Ultimate Survival and Redstone Guide to Minecraft, The

Ultimate Expert’s Guide to Minecraft, The: Expert Crafting and Hardcore Survival

The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft: Multiplayer and Resource Packs